Who is behind the questions?​

The photo to the left is a few years old and shows me shortly after digging my way out of the Dutch mudflats during my studies. I had gotten stuck with a friend whilst taking samples, and the longer it took us (1 hour eventually!) the more worrying it got. We laughed throughout though, and to this day I remember it being such a memorable and fun experience. I love being out in nature, I love getting my hands and feet dirty. Walking barefoot is my happy place. It feels real, and always has.

It's me asking the question. A young woman who has been overcome with passion and love for the natural environment from a young age on, dreaming about the natural world and feeling deeply for it whilst climbing trees.


Somewhere along the way, I wavered and the enthusiasm turned a little bitter. I started to wonder what drove us in the world of conservation and whether it actually is hope. Whether it should be. And eventually, what that means for communicating the wider message of conservation to the world.

It is as much a personal journey as it is giving fellow conservationists a voice. Their honesty and vulnerability allows me to find, transform and grow my own again. 

Read my introduction blog for more detail of how I got to this project I call 'the question of Hope'.