Hope in Jersey

Jersey - an island well-known, and yet one of the best-kept secrets it seems - it is my chosen home. It is a funny little place, as you would expect with a small island. Full of quirks and at times almost tangible magic. My introduction blog gives you a sense of how much I love the natural world here.  As islands do, we live in somewhat of a bubble - a manicured one. But oh, if you dare open your eyes, this bubble is interspersed with stunning pockets of beauty. Pockets that keep catching us off guard, keep us feeling grateful for what we have at our very doorstep. 

With the Jersey Project I take my question of Hope local. Who are the people working on the long-term preservation of what we islanders hold so dear? What keeps them going and gives them hope? It is their stories I want to tell - to tell the story of Hope in Jersey.